For a large number of people getting a good night’s sleep is merely something other people have and something that they long to experience. In many cases though a sleepless night can be fixed and your sleep could be improved dramatically. Here are a few tips which may just help you get a better night’s sleep.

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise as we all know is extremely good for, yet perhaps one benefit which doesn’t get talked about is the benefit to our sleep. Exercising for just 30 minutes during the day can help you fall asleep much easier. However, it is advised that exercise be ideally carried out in the morning or during the day as exercising to close to bed time can have a negative impact.

Avoid Stimulants

There are several stimulants which we take throughout the day even knowingly or unknowingly which keep us up at night. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are all stimulants which have the ability to cause a restless night. It is then a good idea to try and avoid these stimulants before you plan on heading to bed. Alcohol should be avoided at least a few hours before going to bed, Caffeine found in coffee and to a lesser extent tea and fizzy drinks should not be drunk close to bed time, and ideally coffee should be cut out of your diet after lunch. Smoking has a number of negative affect on a person’s sleep, from being a contributory factor to snoring to nicotine acting as a stimulant and withdrawal symptom during the night causing a disturbed sleep.

Stop Napping

Although many of us will feel sleepy during the day we should avoid the temptation to nap as this could have an impact on sleep later that night. If you do start feeling a bit dozy in the afternoon why not take up the fine English tradition of having an afternoon tea with some delicious cakes, if however, you do decide to nap try to make sure it last no longer than 30 minutes.

Stop Snoring

Snoring can be a real disruption to a person sleep, though often it’s not the snorer who suffers it’s the person they are sleeping with who is kept awake all night long. There are several different cures for snoring available which try to fix the different types of snorers (there are many different causes of snoring) so why not give one of them ago.

Sex, Sex and More Sex!

Sex is another great away to get a good night’s sleep and certainly the most fun! It can also be a great cardio work out to keep you healthy!